Private Sessions

Would you like a unique connection to your higher self and the conscious collective?

Obtain a specially created work of art that holds, in its physicality, your distinct energy and provides clarity designed to support your authentic life purpose.

Private session’s offered by Scarlet Ireland, consist of an initial meeting, conducted via video call, in which energy information is exchanged and transmitted. Within two weeks, based on image and messaging received, Scarlet will create and deliver a one-of –kind, piece of art, imbibed with your energy, along with a one page descriptive. A follow-up conversation is available to schedule via email or messaging after delivery.

Private Sessions Include:

Live Remote Energy Art Transmission Session / 45 minute duration
Unique Piece of Finished Art/Acrylic/ 12” x 16” Canvas / Artwork Descriptive
Follow-up conversation via email or messaging / 15 minute duration
All of this for only $211.00

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Please Contact Scarlet directly to Schedule your session upon purchase confirmation.
*Directly Delivered - Packaging/ Handling/ Shipping is an additional cost


Dear Scarlet, Thank you so much for the wonderful session yesterday! I have been feeling even more at ease and joyful since the session! Though it was done via video session, I felt I was chatting with a good friend in my living room! The questions asked helped me do some reflection on my own. Right now I am at the stage of simply admiring and appreciating its warmth and beauty.

Arden S. ~ CA, USA

I can't seem to find the time to rave enough about this piece! @scarlet_ireland is an energy artist who sees or feels forms that are unique to you, and her art often connects you with your higher dimensional workings. Check her out and get your energy painted! Thank you Scarlet again for such a unique piece! I am cherishing it! And I am still so excited about it! And thank you to the benevolent beings who trust me to represent them in a new light💖 Thank you for believing in me.
I was so happy to hear this confirmation from Scarlet...

Natasha C. ~ MI, USA

My experience with Scarlet Ireland can only be described with words not of this world. Before receiving the channeled art work, and during our session, I had the pleasure of getting to know Scarlet. She is warm, loving and open. Being in her company feels like sitting around a (camp) fire with those closest to you. Scarlet is a both a very gifted artist and channel. I believe her art work resonates, relights, and awakens something in the person receiving the art. It guides them on their divine path. Her art work is like the fire that guides (and inspires) them on their path to seek clarity.
I received the beautiful art work a few days later. When I set eyes on the artwork, I experienced more than just a visually aesthetic piece, I felt the overwhelming power of the energy of this art work. The art was as if it were holding the key to the locked area in me that I had been trying to open for some time….

Ashley D. ~ Big Island, Hawaii

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Scarlet Ireland, Energy Artist

Photograph of Scarlet Ireland, Energy Artist, Commissioned Artist, Art Teacher

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil

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